Most residential property owners who usually do their laundry in their house know how to clean the dryer lint trap before and after every dryer load. However, a lot of people are still not aware that they actually need to maintain their dryer vents clean at all times. As a matter of fact, for optimum efficiency, you need to be sure to keep your dryer vents clean as well as have them maintained on a regular basis and that should include a professional service and inspection.

Furthermore, warm air produced by the dryer is being released through a duct, then funneled out of your residential property through the dryer vent. This dryer vent has an interior and exterior portion, both of these need to be kept away from any obstructions or blockages. For instance, leaf litter or any sort of debris can gather around your dryer vent in the long run and also, nests of rodents or birds. If the dryer vent becomes obstructed, it can basically pose fire hazards. In addition to that, it may also cause harmful gas fumes to circulate around your house which can endanger you and your loved ones. Therefore, you should have your dryer vent Livonia MI inspected by a professional dryer vent maintenance service provider and perform air duct and vent cleaning as well as dryer duct cleaning on a monthly basis.

Things to Keep in Mind on Cleaning the Dryer Lint Trap

Dryer vent cleaning, dryer lint trap cleaning, carpet cleaning and air duct cleaning are all very important services for maintaining a residential property. Obstructed dryer vents are usually the main cause of household fires. Also, the dryer lint trap poses a hazard since lint that builds up or escapes can spark a fire. Aside from that, when your dryer lint trap is blocked and dirty, it can also improve the drying time for the clothing loads and increase your power costs over time.

The dryer’s lint trap is situated either inside of the door or on top of your dryer. After locating the lint trap, remove the screen and gather the lint from the surface – this method should be performed between each load of clothes that you dry. In order to give the lint screen a thorough cleaning, you may use brush attachment of your vacuum and run over the screen’s surface in a gentle manner.

Then, you use your vacuum in order to get rid of the lint that is left behind in your lint trap. Then, after cleaning all the lint, put the screen back in its place and job is done. Keeping the dryer lint trap clean at all times is a simple way to enhance the efficiency of your appliance and also, lessen fire hazards for your residential property.

If you’re considering hiring a team of professionals to do the cleaning of your air duct on your house, consider also having the dryer vent cleaned, as well. Cleaning your dryer vent is very important to ensure your family’s health and also, the longevity of the systems on your house.