The Advantages of Cleaning Your Dryer Vent

Most residential property owners who usually do their laundry in their house know how to clean the dryer lint trap before and after every dryer load. However, a lot of people are still not aware that they actually need to maintain their dryer vents clean at all times. As a matter of fact, for optimum efficiency, you need to be sure to keep your dryer vents clean as well as have them maintained on a regular basis and that should include a professional service and inspection.

Furthermore, warm air produced by the dryer is being released through a duct, then funneled out of your residential property through the dryer vent. This dryer vent has an interior and exterior portion, both of these need to be kept away from any obstructions or blockages. For instance, leaf litter or any sort of debris can gather around your dryer vent in the long run and also, nests of rodents or birds. If the dryer vent becomes obstructed, it can basically pose fire hazards. In addition to that, it may also cause harmful gas fumes to circulate around your house which can endanger you and your loved ones. Therefore, you should have your dryer vent Livonia MI inspected by a professional dryer vent maintenance service provider and perform air duct and vent cleaning as well as dryer duct cleaning on a monthly basis.

Things to Keep in Mind on Cleaning the Dryer Lint Trap

Dryer vent cleaning, dryer lint trap cleaning, carpet cleaning and air duct cleaning are all very important services for maintaining a residential property. Obstructed dryer vents are usually the main cause of household fires. Also, the dryer lint trap poses a hazard since lint that builds up or escapes can spark a fire. Aside from that, when your dryer lint trap is blocked and dirty, it can also improve the drying time for the clothing loads and increase your power costs over time.

The dryer’s lint trap is situated either inside of the door or on top of your dryer. After locating the lint trap, remove the screen and gather the lint from the surface – this method should be performed between each load of clothes that you dry. In order to give the lint screen a thorough cleaning, you may use brush attachment of your vacuum and run over the screen’s surface in a gentle manner.

Then, you use your vacuum in order to get rid of the lint that is left behind in your lint trap. Then, after cleaning all the lint, put the screen back in its place and job is done. Keeping the dryer lint trap clean at all times is a simple way to enhance the efficiency of your appliance and also, lessen fire hazards for your residential property.

If you’re considering hiring a team of professionals to do the cleaning of your air duct on your house, consider also having the dryer vent cleaned, as well. Cleaning your dryer vent is very important to ensure your family’s health and also, the longevity of the systems on your house.

Advantages of Furnace Repairs in a Timely Manner

During winter, you can usually escape the brutal and extremely harsh weather condition and head straight inside your warm and cozy home. This is, until your furnace fails. Furnace is a very important part of your house and is responsible for keeping a comfortable temperature inside your home. However, it can also help contribute to the efficiency and quality of air on your home – and it all depends on you in order to make sure that it is functioning well. The following are some of the advantages of having your furnace repaired by a professional and qualified furnace repair Keego Harbor MI as soon as possible:

1. You Will Keep the Rates Down

Nobody wants to give a quick inspection for something which could have actually been prevented earlier. Being not able to maintain your furnace may lead in a much bigger damage. Even if it is just small, it could sometimes lead to a broken piece or the necessity for a furnace replacement. As a matter of fact, it is very important to do repairs and inspections in a timely manner so that you can be familiar with the functionality of your furnace.

2. Better Quality of Air

Your furnace utilizes air filters and it is very important to replace those air filters every now and then. It is because when you are continuously using the same air filter, debris and dust will accumulate and spread into the air all throughout your house, making the quality of air poor, at the same time, endangering your health and the ones living with you. Replace your air filter for a better quality of air as well as fewer furnace repairs.

3. You House Will Remain Comfortably Warm

There is no need for you to be an HVAC expert or professional to inspect your furnace, but you could stay very vigilant of any signs of a bigger issue. In addition to that, some problems could cause the furnace to stop functioning and it will be a disaster if the temperatures inside your home go below zero. Do not wait until the furnace stops functioning prior to having it checked by you or an HVAC professional if you do not have time.

4. Gives You Peace of Mind

A rumbling noise that comes from your basement is never a positive sign for you. If you let your furnace to operate without even having it checked on a regular basis, it could eventually lead to damage or malfunction. With that being said, if you are not ready, the outcome could definitely mean an expensive repair. Even though you do some inspections monthly, you need to call and hire a professional if you notice something concerning or abnormal.

A well-maintained and clean fuel burning equipment produces a very small amount of carbon monoxide, that is basically cleared away by the venting system but a venting system which is not clean or not functioning may produce a much bigger concentration of this odorless and yet, very deadly gas.

Why You Need to Clean Those Air Ducts

If you’re asking why you even have to clean air ducts, the simple answer is because they can get very dirty. Aside from all the dirt and debris that are associated with air ducts, you may also want to be concerned with allergens, asthma attack, and smoke contamination.

If any of the members of your household is susceptible to these health concerns, then you definitely need to get your duct cleaned. Those with allergies, asthma, children, teenagers, and older people are the most susceptible to the effects of poor air quality.

Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

As a general rule, if your air ducts are dirty, then they have to be cleaned. It is best that you have your entire HVAC system checked by reputable and licensed HVAC specialists. If you do that, then you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

1. Improved indoor air quality.

Many homeowners are highly concerned about the quality of their indoor air. That is why they do regular air duct cleaning. Think of your HVAC system as a unit of your home’s lungs. The device takes in and breathes out air.

Air contaminants are everywhere, more particularly pet dander, chemicals, and dust. These contaminants get into the HVAC system and then circulated over and over for up to seven times every day. This recirculation allows the contaminants to build up.

However, it is also true that filthy ducts do not imply your home is unhealthy. However, they may contribute to bigger health and hygiene issues later on. Harboring contaminants may trigger severe problems for individuals with respiratory problems, autoimmune disorders, or environmental allergies.

2. Higher energy savings

As much as 40% of the electricity used in cooling and heating homes is wasted. HVAC systems filled with contaminants tend to work harder to make your home comfortable. In the long run, it shortens the lifespan of the system. Even if filters are installed, HVACs and air ducts get dirty. That’s why they need regular maintenance.

If your HVAC system is clean, then it won’t operate too hard to stabilize the temperature of the room. That means less energy is used which in turn, would lead to energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Reasons why Air Ducts Get Dirty

Air ducts get dirty with regular use. This means you would have to schedule the services of the experts in air duct cleaning Troy MI on a regular basis. You already know the benefits of clean air ducts. But do you really know what makes them dirty?

The most common reason why air ducts get dirty is because you have pets in the house. Pets tend to shed and their shedding almost always ends up in your air ducts. So if any person living in your home has allergy or asthma, they will most likely have frequent attacks.

Cigarettes and cigar smoke are also reasons why air ducts get dirty. So try not to smoke inside the house. Go outside if you need to smoke so that you’re not adding to the filth in the air duct. That way, you’re also assuring your family that the air inside your home is clean.

How to Do Your Own Furnace Repair

Winters can be really tough even with your furnace working perfectly well. As far as furnaces are concerned, prevention is way better than cure. Here are a few basic furnace maintenance tips to ensure that your furnace operates in its best condition throughout winter season.

Save cash and boost the effectiveness of your furnace by following some easy tips. These maintenance tasks won’t take so much of your time and will only cost you a nominal amount. You might need some hand tools though to get some of these things done. Do all these tips to be ensured of a hassle-free winter. You’ll then enjoy the season in the coziest and most comfortable manner possible without spending too much.

1. Open the chamber door.

Before removing the combustion chamber door, be sure that you have completely switched off the furnace. Do it by raising and pulling the door out and removing the burner cover if there is one installed. The burner cover is usually secured by a couple of screws.

2. Check the flames.

To check the flames, turn on the switch and set the thermostat to start up the burner. Inspect the flames. The fire should be blue or red and evenly distributed. If there are yellow flames, then your burner might be dirty or there’s a carbon monoxide leak. If you see yellow flames, call the professional right away.

3. Clean the burner.

Shut off the power and gas to the furnace again. Use the vacuum cleaner to clean the burners and blowers of the furnace. Clean the hoses as well. Use the vacuum wherever there is dust. Using a flashlight, look for soot or any black powder in your furnace. The presence of soot is usually a sign of poor combustion.

4. Clean the blower.

To clean the blower, you have to remove it. Sometimes, there’s a control panel installed in front of it. You have to remove those first before you can get to the blower. Remove the locks holding the blower and then raise it gently so you can clean it thoroughly.

5. Brush the blades.

Clean the blades using a vacuum and a small brush. Do not put extra stress into the wiring or you might damage the counterweights on the blades. If you feel that it’s not possible to clean the blower thoroughly, don’t attempt to do so. You might just disturb its balance. It is best that you call the experts in furnace repair Birmingham MI to do the job instead.

6. Change the filters.

It highly advised that you change furnace filters every three months. Filters protect the blower and the motor. Read the manual to see if there are manufacturer-recommended filters to know more about your options. Some filters can restrict airflow, strain the blower, and make your furnace inefficient. This is why you must make the right choice. If you can’t get enough information from the owner’s manual, it is highly encouraged that you seek help from furnace repair experts instead. They should be able to help you in every step of the way.

How to Get a Pretty Hair Blowout

If you want your hair to have volume and make it look fabulous for the day, then you might want to consider a hair blowout service. It will give your hair soft and shiny curls that you can only see among celebrities. A blowout seems to be an expensive beauty salon service but it really isn’t. As a matter of fact, you can do it at home if you want. A hair blowout is all about styling the hair using a round brush and then blowing it dry. There’s no need to use flat or curling irons at all.

What’s great about it is that a blowout is designed to last more than just a day. Depending on your hair type, your done-at-home hair blowout could last you for up to three days. On the first day, you’ll do some blow drying and hairstyling. But on the next days, all you really need is some touch-up.

How to Do Hair Blowout from Home

If you want to try blowing out your hair at home, then here are some of the steps that you have to do. However, the results will be even better if you go to a blowout salon as they have the right tools, products, and equipment for the job. Look for salons specializing in blowout Utica MI to be guided.

1. Use a volume-rich shampoo and conditioner.

Shampoo your hair and apply conditioner later. When applying conditioner, do so only to the hair’s ponytail part and not on the roots. Then rinse your hair with cool water. Doing so will coat the cuticle and keep it moisturized. Just be sure that you rinse your hair very well for best results.

2. Wrap your hair with a towel.

While waiting for your hair to dry, wrap it in a towel. You may also let it air-dry if you want. Doing so will cut down the time required for blow-drying your hair. That way, you can easily style it as you want.

3. Use special styling products.

You’re going to need styling products for the ponytail part and the roots. You have to make your ponytail part smooth, thick, and healthy-looking. A highly suggested product is a hair thickening spray for the ponytail and a lifting and texturizing spray gel for the roots.

4. Start blow drying.

Turn your hair upside down when blow-drying it. Comb through your hair using your fingers to remove tangles. Doing so lifts the roots even more. Start by drying the roots and work your way towards the tip of the hair. Ideally, you should get your hair 75% dry.

5. Use the round brush.

Use broad bristle brushes to make your hair shiny and smooth. Brush your hair from your head to the back. Then separate your hair into small sections. Dry every section of your hair by rolling the brush through it from the roots to the tips. Lift the brush to lift the roots a little. Be sure that each section has dried completely before going to the next or else your hair will get frizzy. Once dry, give your hair a shot of cold air while wounded around the brush. Then curl each segment. This should set the style you want, giving your hair some bounce and volume. Continue to do all these to all sections of your hair in curls.