Winters can be really tough even with your furnace working perfectly well. As far as furnaces are concerned, prevention is way better than cure. Here are a few basic furnace maintenance tips to ensure that your furnace operates in its best condition throughout winter season.

Save cash and boost the effectiveness of your furnace by following some easy tips. These maintenance tasks won’t take so much of your time and will only cost you a nominal amount. You might need some hand tools though to get some of these things done. Do all these tips to be ensured of a hassle-free winter. You’ll then enjoy the season in the coziest and most comfortable manner possible without spending too much.

1. Open the chamber door.

Before removing the combustion chamber door, be sure that you have completely switched off the furnace. Do it by raising and pulling the door out and removing the burner cover if there is one installed. The burner cover is usually secured by a couple of screws.

2. Check the flames.

To check the flames, turn on the switch and set the thermostat to start up the burner. Inspect the flames. The fire should be blue or red and evenly distributed. If there are yellow flames, then your burner might be dirty or there’s a carbon monoxide leak. If you see yellow flames, call the professional right away.

3. Clean the burner.

Shut off the power and gas to the furnace again. Use the vacuum cleaner to clean the burners and blowers of the furnace. Clean the hoses as well. Use the vacuum wherever there is dust. Using a flashlight, look for soot or any black powder in your furnace. The presence of soot is usually a sign of poor combustion.

4. Clean the blower.

To clean the blower, you have to remove it. Sometimes, there’s a control panel installed in front of it. You have to remove those first before you can get to the blower. Remove the locks holding the blower and then raise it gently so you can clean it thoroughly.

5. Brush the blades.

Clean the blades using a vacuum and a small brush. Do not put extra stress into the wiring or you might damage the counterweights on the blades. If you feel that it’s not possible to clean the blower thoroughly, don’t attempt to do so. You might just disturb its balance. It is best that you call the experts in furnace repair Birmingham MI to do the job instead.

6. Change the filters.

It highly advised that you change furnace filters every three months. Filters protect the blower and the motor. Read the manual to see if there are manufacturer-recommended filters to know more about your options. Some filters can restrict airflow, strain the blower, and make your furnace inefficient. This is why you must make the right choice. If you can’t get enough information from the owner’s manual, it is highly encouraged that you seek help from furnace repair experts instead. They should be able to help you in every step of the way.